Meet IHP's Resident Advisors

We asked each RA to respond to the following 4 questions:
What do you love most about being an RA?
Thinking about your professional goals, what do you hope to become?
When you aren't busy, what do you enjoy doing?
What does the IHP community mean to you?

Tamara Galoyan

Country: Armenia

University: Drexel University

Field of study
Educational Leadership & Learning Technology

House: A House


I became a Resident Advisor because I enjoy using my knowledge and skills to the benefit of people around.


I hope to become a researcher /educator who always seeks for creative and novel solutions to the issues faced by the current educational system.


I enjoy listening to music, reading, and socializing with people when I’m not studying or working.


One of the things I plan to do to promote international understanding is to enhance awareness and tolerance of cultural, racial, religious, and other types of diversities that exist among people.

Wei Jeon 

Country: China

University: Drexel University
Field of study: Information Science

House: C House

I love working alongside a community of amazing focused people who share my passion and interest. Being an RA provides me the opportunity to meet more people and be a part of bringing the world closer.


I hope to become a data/research scientist deriving insights from big data. 


I love travel, photography, catch up with my friends and try out new restaurants. I also like to work out (running, swimming, spinning, hot yoga, weight lifting, mixed martial arts, etc.).


IHP means a diverse and welcoming community of people from all around the world. It encourages understanding, respect, and cooperation among the people from different backgrounds. 

Muhammad Sarahne

Country: Israel

University: University of Pennsylvania

Field of study: Law

House: E House

The thing I love the most about being an RA is having the chance to know people from various countries and cultures, learning about their views and traditions, and helping them regarding any concerns or problems they might face.

I hope to become a judge.

In my free time I enjoy playing tennis, listening to music and watching movies.

To me, the IHP community means a place wherein people, coming from all around the world, will feel home regardless of their race, gender, religion or background.

Ammar Salahuddin

Country: USA

University: Community College Philadelphia

Field of study: Business Administration

House:  G House

What I love about being an RA is it allows me to have direct contact with residents and staff, this allows me to build relationships with former and future residents.

My goal is to become a respected cinematographer.

When I'm not busy with school and work I enjoy going to the gym and practicing photography and film editing.

The IHP community to means a sense of never being alone even when you are so far from your home. There is almost always someone around or something going on and that helps a great deal especially when you're coming from abroad and looking to meet new people. 

Qiang Zheng

Country: China

University: University of Pennsylvania

Field of study: Computer Science

House: B House


 I became a Resident Advisor because I enjoy sharing my knowledge and skills to help other residents from all over the world.

I hope to become a research scientist, who contributes to developing computer science technology to help physicians improve disease diagnosis or surgery, and help deliver the highest quality care to patients. 

I enjoy running along the Schuylkill River and cooking food when I’m not studying or working. Both of them can make me feel relaxed from working. I also like socializing with international students. 


IHP community means window to the world that gives me the opportunity to learn diversities and connect multi-cultural people.

Macy Chang

Country: Taiwan

University: University of Pennsylvania

Field of study: Education

House: D House

My favorite thing about being an RA is to have the opportunity to meet different people and build up bonds between my RA teammates. It is cool that we all hold different identities and thoughts, but we are all living in the same place and try to learn more about each other.

I would love to become an educator that can change the world even if it’s just a little bit. As a teacher, it is always rewarding to see the students’ improvements day by day. 

I enjoy watching movies, trying out new food, hanging out with my friends. To explore new sites in Philly is also my favorite thing to do on weekends.

For me, IHP is a second family. As an international student that just arrived to this unfamiliar county a year ago, I immediately got the support, love, and care from this lovely place. I’ll never forget the inspiration it has given me. 

Chu –Chuan Chiu

Country: Taiwan

University: Drexel University

Field of study: Business

House: F House

The most exciting part of being an RA is to meet people from all over the world. Through the role of RA, I gain a unique leadership opportunity to work with a diverse population and expand my global perspective. 

I deeply believe education is a power to change people's lives and make the world a better place to live. I hope to become a professional who helps improve today's education through data-driven research.

In my free time, I enjoy cooking or tasting different cuisines with my family and friends. To burn the calories and continue my food adventure, I also develop my passion to workout when I have the downtime!   

To me, the IHP is more than just a place to live. The IHP provides a lot of social events and opportunities that allow us to connect to the world through the residents from all over the world, to exchange our views of the world, to explore Philadelphia, and to build this community like a home together. 

Dhaval Bhatt
Country: India

University: School of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Pennsylvania

Field of study: Electrical Engineering

House: H House


I became a resident advisor because I wanted to add to the very atmosphere that I experienced when I was a resident - one that comforts, saying, ‘You Belong.’


My career goals are to work towards research in applied electrical engineering to neuroscience, where I can study system dynamics in human neurophysiology.


I enjoy reading, swimming, heading out to trips (outdoors and indoors – like museum tours), and at times, dancing, or attending some live music gig.


The biggest aspect of being a part of the IHP community is where it provides an atmosphere of tolerance, acceptance, and freedom. To me, it is an invitation to be a part of, and an allowance to explore, something that is provident of building a transcultural community.