Resident Life

    The Office of Resident Life helps residents make the transition to becoming members of our truly unique diverse global community at International House, and it helps students adjust to life in the United States. Resident Life programs are held throughout the year, with a focus on social and cultural events.

  • Social events provide an opportunity for residents to form friendships, learn about each other and interact in a group setting, sometimes centered around a theme.
  • Cultural events enable residents to celebrate and learn about different cultures and share their own traditions.
  • Educational events deliver learning experiences to residents in the form of programs and lectures.
  • Safety and Wellness events promote issues related to the overall well-being of our residents. 
  • A sampling of the 17/18 programs include a baseball game, beach trip, apple festival at a local farm, ice skating at city hall, super bowl viewing party, a basketball game, and tons more.

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