In celebration of the re-release of experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage’s seminal text Metaphors on Vision, co-editor Thomas Beard will appear at Lightbox Film Center on Thursday, January 25th. The program will include a... Read More
Freezeframe: Q&A with Herb Shellenberger, curator of Independent Frames:   1. What was the inspiration for this series? I've been fascinated by this work for a number of years. I first came across the films of Suzan... Read More
International House Philadelphia (IHP) and Da Vinci Art Alliance (DVAA) present Intersection, an exhibition of 35 wall works in various mediums, all illustrating abstractly or literally the point at which two things meet. The... Read More
In March I visited the Berkeley Art Museum & Pacific Film Archive to see Hippie Modernism, a recently closed large-scale exhibition devoted to late ’60s-early ’70s counterculture movements that merged utopian aspirations with... Read More
The film program now known as Lightbox Film Center has a rich history. As we transition to a new era with our new name, we also felt it was a fitting moment to look back. A new exhibition on view in the gallery, curated by... Read More
It’s a big deal to suddenly rename a nearly 40-year-old film program. But we realized that even as our hidden gem of a cinema was steadily growing with new funding, more ambitious projects, and partnerships with many of the... Read More
Patricia White is the Eugene Lang Research Professor of Film and Media Studies and the coordinator of Gender and Sexuality Studies at Swarthmore College. White partnered with Lightbox Film Center to present 45 Years of Women Make... Read More
International House and Lightbox Film Center were recently featured on WHYY's Newsworks in a piece that covered our film program's name change. Read it here The Daily Pennsylvanian talks to Chief Curator Jesse Pires and Director... Read More
International House Philadelphia proudly announces its newly renamed film program, Lightbox Film Center, with a Lightbox Launch Party ( on Thursday, May 18. The evening will include... Read More
What does 1970s radical video art have to do with Steve Bannon’s current right-wing propaganda machine? As it turns out, quite a lot. In conjunction with Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, we’ll be... Read More
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