Newsreel '68

Newsreel '68: Program 1

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Thursday 7/26
7:00 pm
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Summer '68 (Newsreel #505)

US, 1969, 60 min., b/w

An in-depth examination of protest activities surrounding the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Summer ‘68 documents draft resistance, the growth of G.I. coffee houses, the development of alternative media, and the early days of Newsreel itself.

Black Panther aka Off the Pig (Newsreel #19)

US, 1968, 15 min., b/w

A compelling document of the Black Panther Party leadership in 1967.

The Case Against Lincoln Center (Newsreel #17)

US, 1968, 12 min., b/w

This film documents the process by which more than 20,000 Latino families were displaced to make way for Lincoln Center, and juxtaposes the atmosphere of Lincoln Center with the vibrant street culture that it destroyed.

Resist with Noam Chomsky aka Chomsky – Resist

US, 1968, 12 min., b/w

A portrait of Noam Chomsky in the late 1960s as he speaks candidly about the war in Vietnam and articulates critiques that have an eerie resonance in the present day.

About Newsreel ‘68

In recognition of the extraordinary counter-cultural movements that swept the globe throughout 1968, Lightbox Film Center present three separate film programs by the late-1960s activist filmmaker collective Newsreel, curated and co-presented by Third World Newsreel (which grew out of the New York chapter of the group). Together, these programs sketch a panoramic view of the political and social tumult of the era, with footage capturing the Democratic National Convention protests, the activities of the Black Panthers and Young Lords, a film produced by the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Viet Nam, and much more.

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