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Tuesday 5/22 -
Sunday 8/19

International House Philadelphia & Da Vinci Art Alliance present Motion Pictured

May 22 – August 19, 2018

Juror: Robert E. Cargni


Opening reception:

Tuesday, May 22 at 6pm

East Alcove Gallery, International House Philadelphia, 3701 Chestnut Street. 

Open daily 8am-10pm.

Just over one year ago, International House Philadelphia’s film program was reimagined, reorganized, and reborn as Lightbox Film Center. To celebrate the anniversary of a dear friend and partner of Da Vinci Art Alliance, this call for artwork will likewise celebrate the fruitful relationship between cinema and static visual art.

From the perspective of traditionally static media (painting, printmaking, photography, and the like), the representation of movement has challenged artists throughout history. However, the birth of cinematography in the mid-19th Century marked a monumental turning point in how visual artists addressed movement in their work. Parallel to evolution of cinematography, artists have developed a variety of stylistic modes of depicting or interpreting movement in still images: Kandinsky’s lyrical abstract compositions lure the eye across the canvas, Duchamp’s fragmented and repeated forms imply the progression of moving figures, Pollock’s dynamic paint  drips record his physical movement, even Hopper’s quiet scenes teeter on the cusp of an anticipatory action. What drives the motion in your work?

In partnership with Lightbox Film Center, Da Vinci Art Alliance is organizing an exhibition of images and objects that personify the timeless activity of movement/motion in still visual art forms.  

As the signature public arts program of International House Philadelphia, Lightbox Film Center is Philadelphia’s premier exhibitor of film and moving image art. Lightbox presents an unparalleled slate of repertory, nonfiction, experimental and international cinema. In 2017, the program was renamed Lightbox Film Center to create more visibility and better position itself for the next era of moving-image presentation.

About the Juror:
Robert E. Cargni is the Theater and Galleries Manager for Lightbox Film Center. Lightbox Film Center is Philadelphia’s premier exhibitor of film and moving image art, and the signature public arts program of International House Philadelphia.

Robert has the privilege of showcasing artistically significant and socially relevant motion pictures as part of an initiative with a forty year history.  In his various roles at IHP, Robert contributes to programming, exhibitions, and screens masterpieces from around the world, rescuing many of these films from silent obscurity.  As its mission, The Lightbox Film Center attempts to broaden the horizon of what people have come to expect from the modern cinema by shortening the distance between Philadelphia and the rest of the world.

He is also a SEMPTE Master Motion Picture Mechanic and Engineer and supervises all projection and theater related technologies.  Robert has also curated film programming for the University of Pennsylvania Museum, as well as numerous international film festivals across the United States and Canada.  For seven years, Robert was the Special Programs Curator for the America-Italy Society Philadelphia.  His work at AIS included initiatives focusing on new works of contemporary Italian cinema as they relate to the Italian language and culture.

Visit http://www.davinciartalliance.org for more information.