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Participation TV

Another Look at the Miami Convention

Dir. Women’s Video News Service, US, 1972, video, 59 min. b/w

Co-presented with the Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania 

The Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania presents a rare screening of the feminist masterwork, Another Look at the Miami Convention (1972) in celebration of the release of scholar William Kaizen’s new book Against Immediacy: Video Art and Media Populism (University Press of New England, 2016).  Another Look was shot using Portapaks at the 1972 Democratic National Convention by the Women's Video News Service for Manhattan cable television. Sponsored by Flo Kennedy, WVNS was the first all women team of videographers/new reporters. Their coverage of the convention focused on the newly formed National Women's Political Caucus and the candidacy of Shirley Chisholm for president and other related events largely ignored by the mainstream media. They held extensive interviewers with protesters gathered in a people's park near the convention, including activists from the women's movement and queer and trans movements, as well as a heated protest of a fashion show held as a fundraiser for the democratic party. Featuring appearances by Gloria Steinem, Flo Kennedy, Bella Abzug, Betty Friedan, Nanette Rainone and others. The original hour-long version of Another Look is being screened here for the first time in its entirely since it was originally broadcast on cable television in 1972. 


The screening will be followed by a conversation between Kaizen, scholar Leslie Jones, and artist Sharon Hayes to discuss the importance of revisiting Another Look in our contemporary political context as well as the potential embedded in participatory media.


William Kaizen is an independent scholar and curator. His research focuses on the history and politics of new media, from video art to video games. His most recent books are Against Immediacy: Video Art and Media Populism and Adventure (for Adults).


Sharon Hayes is an artist who engages multiple mediums–video, performance, and installation–in ongoing investigation into specific intersections between history, politics and speech.

Leslie Jones is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania and the current President of the Black Graduate and Professional Student Assembly.