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In collaboration with Exhumed Films:

Exhumed Films Presents: Rock 'N Roll Nightmares!

Join Exhumed Films for another one-of-a-kind cult repertory cinema experience at Lightbox Film Center!

The late 1970’s saw the dominance of soft rock titans like Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles upended by the raw power of the punk rock and heavy metal movements; shortly thereafter, media outlets began sensationalizing these “frightening” phenomenons and their freaky fans, playing up apocryphal tales of devil worship, self-mutilation, and decapitated bats and chickens. Genre filmmakers soon capitalized on the hysteria by creating an entire subgenre of horror movies revolving around metal monsters and new wave weirdos. Join Exhumed Films as we present a triple threat of rocker shockers:



1980 / 35mm / Dir. Don Edmonds / 87 minutes


The Clowns are the hottest band in town: with their macabre makeup and gruesome stage show, they definitely know how to make their audiences scream! However, when a rash of killings are committed by someone wearing their signature makeup, The Clowns find themselves going from rockstar celebrities to criminal suspects! Who is behind the slayings-- a demented fan, a disgruntled rival...or could it actually be one of the band members? Clearly capitalizing on the notoriety of theatrical rock bands like KISS and Alice Cooper--and featuring ample gore and nudity, TERROR ON TOUR is both a sleazy slasher and a quintessential example of metal-spolitation



1986 / 35mm / Dir. Charles Martin Smith / 98 minutes


Perhaps more so than any other heavy metal-centric horror movie, TRICK OR TREAT seems to possess a real knowledge of and affection for the music. This is likely attributable to screenwriter Rhett Topham, who has spoken of his passion for both metal and monster movies. The story centers on an outcast metalhead named Eddie (Marc Price from “Family Ties”) who gets revenge on his high school tormentors with help from the demonic ghost of his recently deceased idol, rocker Sammi Curr.  Before long, Eddie discovers that Sammi cannot be contained or controlled, and he must stop the Satanic spirit before it destroys everything--and everyone--he loves. TRICK OR TREAT features cameo appearances by rock icons Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne (as a televangelist, natch), and boasts a killer soundtrack by the British metal band Fastway.



1980 / 35mm / Dir. Emmett Alston / 85 minutes

From Cannon Films, purveyors of fine taste and quality production values, comes this seasonal slasher, yet another in the endless series of Halloween-inspired holiday horror flicks. In NEW YEAR’S EVIL, a Los Angeles punk rock DJ named Blaze (Roz Kelly, best remembered as Fonzie’s gal pal Pinky Tuscadero from “Happy Days”) hosts a televised new wave concert on December 31st. But the party is dampened when a mysterious caller known only as “Evil” tells Blaze that four women will die on New Year’s Eve (one for each time zone!), and that she will be the final victim. Although initially dismissed as a crank call, the bodies soon start piling up and the producers of the tv show fear for Blaze’s safety. Sure enough, the crazed killer infiltrates the concert, and Blaze must fight to make it into the new year! Featuring a totally square, totally silly misrepresentation of the early 80s punk scene, NEW YEAR’S EVIL is entertaining in its utter ineptitude.