Testimonials + Visitors

I lived at International House Philadelphia for 7 months and this time has been a great learning experience. When I compare myself now with who I was before moving to International House, I see a lot of positive changes. The peaceful environment at International House allowed me to focus on my projects. The events at IHP helped me to learn about different cultures, and provided me with the chance to meet new people. The management of IHP is very friendly and helpful–- all of them are so nice and always available for residents. If I had to explain my stay at International House in three words, they would be: Life, Fun, Friends.
–Apurv Gaurav, former IHP resident

I am an active fan of film, music and visual arts, and have been attending art events at International House for years. I come to at least sixty events at IHP each year, including film and music programming, as well as special events with staff and residents. I am very appreciative of the wonderful experiences that I have had at International House and will remain a devoted and participating member for years to come. I’d like to thank and salute the staff, the administration and the Board for their steadfastness in maintaining such high quality programs. I believe that there is a very bright future for International House as a leader in the Philadelphia arts community.

–Paul Lewis, International House member

For me, IHP has never been only a living place. It has been one of the best places to exchange cultural experiences. I can’t thank IHP enough for helping me to shape my global vision and leadership skills during my time as a resident. IHP has helped me to build my global perspective and leadership skills through experiencing every aspect of international life. I believe that having the opportunity to meet wonderful people from all over the world is advancing the great promise of world friendship, and I believe that through the vision and determination of IHP, many students, scholars, and professionals across the world are getting the chance to be global dreamers, activists, and leaders by exploring and understanding all cultures. IHP’s dedicated efforts not only help strengthen the community and contribute to the success of the United States, but also help strengthen the global community and contribute to the success of extending peace and friendship throughout the world. Like all IHP alumni, I am very proud to be part of this vibrant community.

– Yilmaz Kaymak, former IHP resident

I had been considering taking Mandarin classes for the past several years, but my searches for a good language school always came up short. Other schools were either too expensive, or far away, or both! It was pure luck that I stumbled upon IHP’s language programs, and what a find it was! The classes are small, and so are the fees. I am currently finishing Mandarin Part 3 with every intention of continuing on to Part 4. I am seeking out graduate school opportunities for International Relations, and I expect the language, communication, and cultural skills I’m acquiring at IHP will be useful to me in the future.

– Anna Kowalik, language student

Learning Mandarin at International House has been an amazing experience for me. The lessons are rich in content, high in quality, and yet the cost is very reasonable. The teachers are extremely patient and yet encouraging, and they always try their best to help the students understand the language (which is very different from our mother tongues). For me, being relatively new to Philadelphia, taking this Mandarin class turned out to be a great opportunity to meet some wonderful local people. I look forward to every lesson, and I truly enjoy the conversations  with both my teachers and classmates.

– Mahoka Hikita, language student

Distinguished Visitors:

Ambassador Series

Prince Zeid Ra’ad Zeid Al-Hussein, Ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to the United States

His Excellency Karim Kawar, Ambassador of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to the United States and Mexico

His Excellency Soemadi D.M. Brotodiningrat, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia, Indonesian Festival Film Series

His Excellency Said Tayeb Jawad, Ambassador of Afghanistan to the United States with Mrs. Shamin Jawad, The Current Healthcare Situation in Afghanistan

His Excellency Dr. Martin Palous, Ambassador of Czech Republic to the United States, Citizen Photography Exhibit

His Excellency Kanat B. Saudabayev, Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to the United States, Journey Along the Silk Road Film Festival


Marcus Samuelsson, Chef/Co-owner of AQUAVIT New York, A Discover of Foods and Flavors


Tacita Dean, artist, Three Favorite Films of J.G. Ballard chosen by Claire Walsh & presented by Tacita Dean

Kevin Jerome Everson, filmmaker
Haile Gerima, director, Bush Mama

Ed Halter, film critic and curator, Normal Love & The Cinema is Jonas Mekas

Barbara Hammer, filmmaker, Fight Repression of Erotic Expression

Ken Jacobs, filmmaker

Bruce Jenkins, film critic, Bruce Conner: The Art of Montage

Richard Kern, filmmaker

Jonas Mekas, filmmaker

Suzan Pitt, animator and filmmaker

Jonathan Rosenbaum, film critic, Celine and Julie Go Boating

James Scott, artist and filmmaker

Allan Sekula, artist and filmmaker

Harry Shearer, actor and director, The Big Uneasy


Ambassador Ibrahim Gambari, Under-Secretary General for Political Affairs of the United Nations, The African Economy Today

Lt. General (Ret.) Roméo Dallaire, commander of UN forces in Rwanda, The Responsibility to Protect – The Failure of Humanity in Preventing Genocide

William F. Schulz, past president of Amnesty International, Overcoming Cruelty: What Torture Has Taught Me

David Zucchino, Pulitzer–Prize winning journalist, Real Life Stories from the Front Line

Amiri Baraka, African – American literary figure, Remembering Malcolm

Richard Holbrooke, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN + current President & CEO of the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, Symbols of China Cultural Festival, Business Unites Against AIDS in China

Jim Rogers, Adventure Capitalist, World Economic Lecture Series

Stephanie Odegard, Weaving Together Art, Business + Social Activism, World Economic Lecture Series

Andrey Konstantinovich Yushmanov, Consul General of Russian Federation, Russian Mosaica Reception

World Leaders

Their Royal Highnesses Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall, Roundtable discussion and Suite Tour

His Royal Highness The Duke of Gloucester, Architecture and Community Reception at The Philadelphia Cathedral

Václav Havel, Dissident, former President of Czech Republic, Citizen Photography Exhibit

Peter A. Rafaeli, Honorary Consul General of the Czech Republic, Citizen Photography Exhibit