Members of the Board, on a purely voluntary basis, devote considerable time and resources to the House and its resident members. The Trustees provide leadership and guidance in shaping policies aimed at meeting the long-term goals and mission of the House.


Ludo C. P. Scheffer, PhD, Chair 
Steven J. Casper, Interim Treasurer

Giacomo F. Cesareo, III, Secretary


Constance W. Benoliel-Rock

George M. Doolittle

Marc Duey, MSc, MBA

Amy E. Gadsden, PhD

Curtis M. Hess, RPA

Jason P. Lisi, Esq
Louis Padulo, PhD

John F. Smith, III, Esq
David C. U’Prichard, PhD

Richard L. Veith


Laurada B. Byers

Robert I. Harries

Josephine Klein

Frank J. Mechura, MBA

Osagie O. Imasogie, Esq
Edward J. Ryan

Edward M. Satell

Hussein El-Sharkawy


Rep. James R. Roebuck, Jr., PhD
Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams

Board of Delegates

Saif H. Al Saudi
Shadia Bel Hamdounia

Mandi Bucceroni, Esq. Chair
Pierre-Olivier Lugez

Lokesh Prabhu
Raghavendra Prasad Palle 

Aime Tchapda
Shaquana S. Watson-Harkness

Who Are the Board of Delegates 

The Board of Delegates is a Board formed by the Trustees of International House Philadelphia (IHP). This Board provides a hands-on opportunity to get substantively involved and engaged with a respected Philadelphia institution.

Professionals and aspiring leaders with a genuine interest in international affairs, evidenced by experience studying abroad, working abroad, or working for a multi-national corporation. Foreign nationals are particularly welcome.