Photography & Videography

International House Philadelphia (IHP) utilizes photography and videography to document day-to-day life at IHP and various IHP sponsored events. IHP reserves the right to utilize any photograph or video taken by our staff and volunteer team for IHP informational and promotional purposes without the express written permissions of those included in the photograph or video. IHP may use photographs and videos in a number of ways, including but not limited to: posts on social media, press releases, posters, informational brochures, and websites. Individuals depicted in such media may not ask IHP for payment or royalties in connection with the use of their likeness. 

IHP will attempt to educate all stakeholders of this policy through publication on our website and in key print materials. 

Any person who does not wish to be included in IHP photos or videos should inform the photographer or videographer at the event or time the photograph or video is being taken. If you do not notify the photographer or videographer of your request, IHP will assume your consent to the IHP Photography and Videography Policy. 

Any person wishing to address a concern with how their likeness is being used in an IHP Publication should contact the Marketing team at IHP. 

Any person or organization not affiliated with IHP is not authorized to use, reproduce, or modify IHP photographs, images, or videos without advance written permissions from the Marketing team at IHP. 
Contact information for the Communications and Marketing team can be found on our staff page.