Language Program FAQ

International House Philadelphia is currently reevaluating our language program to determine how we can better serve IHP residents and the community. As a result, summer semester language classes will not be offered.


International House looks forward to sharing an update with you later this year, following our assessment of the program.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.


1.      When do courses start and end? How long is the semester? 
         For Spring 2017, courses start on January 18, 2017 and end on April 19, 2017. The  
         Spring semester is 12 weeks long; by the end of the semester each class will have met for a
         total of 24 hours.


2.      How does pricing work?

         Language courses are FREE for IHP Residents, however they are required to pay a non-  
         refundable $50 enrollment fee. IHP Alumni & Members receive a 10% discount.  Outside
         students must pay the full registration fee before classes begin. 

3.      Is there private tutoring?

         Beginning in 2017, the Language Program will no longer offer private tutoring. However, we  
         will continue to offer a  Free Writing Assistance Service.

 4.     How can I receive the Free Writing Assistance Service?

         The Writing Assistance Service is open to all enrolled Language Program Students. No
         appointment is needed! First come, first served! Please bring guidelines for your  
         assignments and two hard copies of your written papers (double spaced, 12 point font
         required) with you. Each session will not exceed 30 minutes. Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays.
         Time: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM. Place: Language Program Room E.

5.      Where can I register?

         Students may register online or at the Language Programs office on the 6th floor (West
         elevator). IHP members and alumni should register in person at the IHP Box Office in order
         to receive the 10% discount. Alternatively, members can call 215-895-6575 and speak to the
         Membership Manager who can assist with their registration.   Classes are free for IHP
         Residents, however  Residents are required to pay a non-refundable enrollment fee of $50.
         IHP Residents who wish to register for classes can do so at the Box Office, located on the
         first floor, which is open Tuesday – Saturday from 12-8pm.  Proof of IHP residency will be

6.      Can I receive credit hours for my student visa (F1 visa)?

          IHP doesn't give credit hours for general classes, so we can't provide support for student

7.      Are there any prerequisites for an advanced language course?

         New students interested in taking an advanced level course must contact the Language
         Program directly at 215-895-6592 or via email at      

8.      I may have to miss a few classes during the semester. Is there a policy on missed classes?

         Students may be excused from up to four classes.  Any further absences will affect the
         successful completion of a course.

9.      I am unable to attend the full semester. Can I still register?
         Students arriving or leaving in the middle of the semester must call to inquire the teacher’s
         policy on late registration.

10.     What is the policy on refunds?
         All refunds for cancellations or withdrawals are subject to compliance with these general

         --  No refunds shall be given after the completion of the second week of classes.  
              (Outside students will be refunded within 2 weeks except for the non-refundable
              enrollment fee of $50.)

         --  If a student chooses to cancel or withdrawal from a course during the first two weeks of
              classes, refunds shall be issued in the form of an institutional check or a credit card
              account credit.

         --  Students shall submit written notification of cancellation of enrollment or withdrawal
              from the program.
         --  All written notifications must be signed by the student and dated.

         --  Written notification may be submitted in person or by e-mail.



Intensive English 3
(2 Hour Class)
TOEFL Test Preparation$400

10% discount for IHP Members and Alumni!

IHP Residents - FREE for general classes, pay $50 non-refundable enrollment fee only.