International House Philadelphia is currently reevaluating our language program to determine how we can better serve IHP residents and the community. As a result, summer semester language classes will not be offered.


International House looks forward to sharing an update with you later this year, following our assessment of the program.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Spoken English Program at International House will help to improve one's English proficiency. Our classes are offered to anyone who wishes to improve their English conversational skills. Graduate and undergraduate students, researchers, medical and business professionals, student spouses, au-pairs and newly-arrived immigrants have all benefited from our program. Please see below for the schedule and pricing, and read our FAQ page if you have any questions. 

spring seMESTER:  JANUARY 18 - APRIL 19, 2017


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Language Program office at 215-895-6592 or by emailing LanguageProgram@ihphilly.org.   All tuition payments must be received before students attend the first class. For information on our refund policy, please see the Language Program FAQ page.


General English classes are FREE for IHP residents, however residents are required to pay a non-refundable enrollment fee of $50. IHP residents who wish to register for classes can do so at the Box Office, located on the first floor, which is open Tuesday – Saturday from 12-8pm. Proof of IHP residency will be required. 


Beginner English (English 1)

The beginner English courses are designed to focus on the fundamentals of the English language. Basic grammar, vocabulary, and simple conversation practice (greetings, introductions, directions, etc.) are the core elements of these courses. These courses are recommended for students looking for a low pressure introductory English course.

Intermediate English (English 2)

The intermediate English courses offer an increased level of English practice for students with basic English experience. The course focuses on refining grammar skills and growing students’ vocabulary, as well as improving conversation techniques.

Advanced English (English 3)

The advanced English courses are offered to students with a high level of English proficiency. The course spends less time on grammar mechanics and more time engaging students in conversation and group interaction.

Advanced English Pronunciation

This course is for individuals looking to specifically improve their English pronunciation. In order to do so, students will focus on advanced reading comprehension and broadening their vocabulary.


Intensive English

The intensive English course gives students a double-dose of advanced English lessons. The intensity of the course is perfect for students wanting to get the most practice with their advanced English skills.

Advanced English for Higher Education

The advanced English for higher education course is fashioned for students in higher academia who want to get English practice that enhances their schooling experience. This course is recommended for those seeking a higher level degree.


TOEFL courses prepare students for the TOEFL examination. Prospective students do not need to have a test date set to take these courses. The courses provide practice for the four sections of the TOEFL exam: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.


PRICING FOR GENERAL PUBLIC (includes non-refundable $50 enrollment fee)
General Classes: $320  
Intensive English 3: $500 
TOEFL: $400  

IHP Alumni & Members receive 10% discount only when registering in person at the IHP Box Office.


General Classes: FREE! ($50 non-refundable enrollment fee only) 
Intensive English 3: $230 (includes $50 non-refundable enrollment fee)

TOEFL: $130 (includes $50 non-refundable enrollment fee)


Intensive English  
(2 Hour Class) 
TOEFL Test Preparation$400

10% discount for IHP Alumni & Members!

IHP Residents - FREE tuition for general classes, pay $50 non-refundable enrollment fee only.