Language Classes

International House Philadelphia is currently reevaluating our language program to determine how we can better serve IHP residents and the community. As a result, summer semester language classes will not be offered.


International House looks forward to sharing an update with you later this year, following our assessment of the program.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Register online for our currently offered ENGLISH or FOREIGN LANGUAGE classes!  See our FAQ page if you have any questions.



Many people have found that "classroom English" is very different from "conversational English" - they have trouble speaking even after years of study. The same is true of those who have studied foreign languages. Courses at IHP are offered in a uniquely multinational environment, and emphasize the strengthening of conversation skills. Whether you’re studying English or taking one of our foreign language classes, our experienced teachers will help you learn how to communicate clearly outside of the classroom in an intimate, friendly and informal setting. Our teachers are often language education graduate students who have a special interest in cross-cultural communication, and are native speakers or fluent in the languages they teach. 

Classes are open to the public!

Language classes at International House are open to the public and people across the Greater Philadelphia area, including high school students and teachers, college students and community members. 


  • IHP Residents enjoy free tuition for general language classes ($50 enrollment fee only).  

  • IHP Members receive a 10% discount for all classes when registering in person at the IHP Language Program Office. 

  • Planned classes are contingent on interest and enrollment. International House reserves the right to cancel classes.

  • Requests to drop a class or leave the program must be made within the first two weeks of starting classes.


“I highly recommend International House Philadelphia’s language programs for anyone seeking a pressure-free environment in which to learn a new language. After taking 40 hours of Korean at IHP.... I was able to test into an undergraduate Intermediate Korean class at Temple University. This confirmed my suspicion that International House classes are on par with university for-credit language instruction, at a fraction of the cost!”  - Peter C. Burke, student

"As a Chinese teacher at International House Philadelphia, I had the opportunity to apply theories of language teaching and learning into practice. The students were very intelligent and enthusiastic. The language classroom was also a great place to promote intercultural communication. As an assistant to the language department, I truly enjoyed interacting with teachers and students from many different countries. I learned to appreciate foreign languages, understand different customs, and cherish international friendship. I will never forget my wonderful experience at the language department."  - Dingding Jia, language teacher


Language Classes $320
Intensive English 3 
(2 Hour Classes)
TOEFL Test Preparation $400

10% discount for IHP Members & Alumni!

IHP Residents enjoy free tuition for general classes ($50 enrollment fee only).