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University of Pennsylvania Humanities Forum Film Series presents

Women Film the War on Terror: Operation Atropos

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Wednesday 2/5
7:00 pm
FREE Open to the public

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In collaboration with Penn Cinema Studies & International House Philadelphia

Speaking through different genres and cultural contexts, women filmmakers explore the consequences of today's wars at home and abroad. Film and feminist theory scholar Karen Beckman, who directs this year's Penn Humanities Forum on Violence, will introduce each screening and host informal audience discussions. Don't miss this rare chance to see how women film the war on terror.

Films are free and open to the public. No pre-registration is necessary.

Operation Atropos

dir. Coco Fusco, USA, 2006, digital, 59 min.

Operation Atropos is a documentary about interrogation and POW resistance training. Director Coco Fusco worked with retired U.S. Army interrogators who subjected her group of women students to immersive simulations of POW experiences in order to show them what hostile interrogations can be like and how members of the U.S. military are taught to resist them. The group of interrogators is called Team Delta, and they regularly offer intensive courses that they call “Authentic Military Experiences” to civilians. The documentary includes interviews with the interrogators that shed  light on how they read personalities, evaluate an interrogatee’s reliability, and use the imposition of physical and mental stress strategically. More fundamentally, however, the film shows how interrogators rationalize what they do and how they imagine both themselves and their enemies.