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Two Films by Gibbs Chapman

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Thursday 6/26
7:00 pm
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Gibbs Chapman has worked in and around audio/visuals in San Francisco since 1984. As a recording engineer, he has been involved with hundreds of recordings ranging from Thinking Fellers to Marianne Faithful and additionally has worked on composing, recording, and/or producing many music and sound pieces, and sound for film for American Playhouse, among others. Mr. Chapman has become active as a cameraman and audio manipulator for film and video, working on hundreds of shorts and features and has written, directed and resourcefully produced numerous films of his own. He is also owner of non-productions, a small audio/visual factory in San Francisco and works as a technician and consultant in recording studios, post-houses and performs myriad duties from negative cutting to lens repair in an effort to finance his personal projects. Mr. Chapman is also a senior projectionist and collection inspector at the Pacific Film Archive and for the last seven years has been a technical pivot for the Flaherty Film Seminar.

mother mortar, father pestle (the petty apocalypse of 2007)
dir. Gibbs Chapman, 2013, USA DCP, 93m, b/w

A government in the habit of dismissing science sees the world shift into a weather pattern of perpetual twilight that the officials have trouble explaining. Despite this some individuals go about their business: The Theologian continues his crisis of faith, the Secularist continues to challenge the existence of god, the Landlord proceeds with his evictions, the Homeless man continues to collect electronics, the Liaison continues to represent his suspicious clients, and so forth, until their respective fates descend upon them, either absorbing or ignoring the lessons therein.

preceded by;

push button: a history of idleness & ignorance        
dir. Gibbs Chapman, 2004, USA, 16mm, 16min, color,

In the modern era, the combined elements of human innovation and dementia have led us into a new relationship with our time and energy, one in which the quest for a current immediacy or an ease of operation has created a culture of lethargy and ignorance of new proportion. The film push button - a history of idleness and ignorance sets out to describe the journey from hunter/gatherer to sloucher/slacker and the dangling carrot of "leisure" time. Additionally, the piece is a call to action, to crush the monstrous cancer known as advertising and the salivating hyenas of consumer-dollar extraction.