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The Play’s the Thing: Václav Havel - Art and Politics

The Mist (Mlha) / A Report on Party and Guests (O slavnosti a hostech)

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Monday 6/16
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The Mist (Mlha)

dir. Radúz Cincera, 1966, Czech w/ English subtitles, 28 min.

In the early 1960s, Prague’s celebrated Theatre on the Balustrade was a center for experimentation, mime, and theater of the absurd. It’s the place where Václav Havel began as a dramaturge and stagehand, and where his plays were later produced. The Mist poetically captures this famous theater from different perspectives, as well as other Prague landmarks at dawn.

 A Report on Party and Guests (O slavnosti a hostech)

dir. Jan Nemec, 1968, Czech w/ English subtitles, 71 min.

In A Report on the Party and the Guests, a pleasant afternoon outing is cut short when a few pushy intruders force a group of friends to play a round of ridiculous party games. Jan Nemec’s absurdist parable on the behavior of authority figures is a landmark of the Czech New Wave of the brief Prague Spring.

Special Thanks to: Margaret Parsons, Head of the Film Program at the National Gallery of Art, National Film Archive in Prague, The Václav Havel Library, the Mutual Inspirations Festival 2013 Czech Television, and the Embassy of the Czech Republic.