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The Play’s the Thing: Václav Havel - Art and Politics

The Uninvited Guest (Nezvaný host) / Every Young Man (Každý mladý muž)

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Saturday 6/14
7:00 pm
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Introduction by Special Guest Peter A. Rafaeli, Hon. Consul General of the Czech Republic

The Uninvited Guest (Nezvaný host)

dir. Vlastimil Venclík, 1969, Czech w/ English subtitles, 22 min.

When a boorish official enters and makes himself at home in a young couple’s flat, it’s soon apparent that all the flats in the building face the same dilemma—each has its own intruder. After completing this short parable on socialist living, director Vlastimil Venclík was forbidden to make a film for twenty years.

Every Young Man (Každý mladý muž)

dir. Pavel Jurácek, 1966, Czech w/ English subtitles, 83 min.

A soldier’s life under socialism is the focus of Every Young Man, Pavel Jurácek’s absurdist drama in two parts. The first part follows a young recruit and his corporal on an outing into town to find a doctor (Václav Havel has a role as a patient awaiting treatment), while the second is set in an army camp, as young soldiers tackle their daily routines. The film ends with a heart-rending and unforgettable dancehall sequence.

Special Thanks to: Margaret Parsons, Head of the Film Program at the National Gallery of Art, National Film Archive in Prague, The Václav Havel Library, the Mutual Inspirations Festival 2013 Czech Television, and the Embassy of the Czech Republic.