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Family Matinee: It Came From Outer Space

The Iron Giant

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Saturday 1/24
2:00 pm
$5 Adults & Children (over age 2)
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dir. Brad Bird, USA, 1999, 35mm, 86 min.

No snow problems in University city - our screenings will take place as scheduled.

Utilizing both traditional animation and computer animation, The Iron Giant tells the story of a lonely boy named Hogarth, raised by his mother (the widow of an Air Force pilot), who one day discovers an iron giant that has fallen from outer space. With the help of a beatnik named Dean, Hogarth must stop the U.S. military and a federal agent from finding and destroying the Giant. Based on a book by British poet laureate Ted Hughes, The Iron Giant is not just a cute romp but an involving story that has something to say.