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The Human Scale

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Thursday 5/29
7:00 pm
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dir. Andreas M. Dalsgaard, Denmark, 2012, DCP, 77 mins. color In English

50% of the world’s population lives in urban areas; by 2050 it will be 80%. Cities have become the primary human habitat. According to revolutionary Danish architect and urban planner Jan Gehl, if we are to make cities sustainable and livable for people we must re-imagine the very foundations of modern urban planning. Rather than examining buildings and urban structures themselves, Gehl and his team meticulously studies the in-between spaces of urban life. To the places where people meet, interact, live, and behave. How do the spaces that surround us enhance or disturb our interactions with others? How can we make our streets more accessible by foot or bike? Through his world acclaimed work, Gehl has been leading a revolution in urban planning that has been transforming cities worldwide. From the expanded pedestrian spaces in New York's Union Square, to Copenhagen's famed bike lanes, to the rebuilding of earthquake devastated Christchurch New Zealand, Gehl's team bring real solutions that promise a more humanistic dimension to cities where people are not displaced by congested streets, skyscrapers, and the car-centric urbanism of the 1960s and ’70s. Stunningly photographed, Director Andreas Dalsgaard’s film travels around the world to explore how Gehl and other like-minded designers, city planners, and urban activists have begun to transform such cities as diverse as New York, Beijing, Christchurch, and London.

A presentation by Anthony Smyrski will follow the film.

Anthony Smyrski
is a creative director, artist, and cultural producer. He works in both the cultural and commercial spheres with clients and artists around the world. As his practice develops, he engages projects of increasing complexity involving print, web, installation, video, sound and other components. He travels constantly, studying culture, urban environments, and global patterns of human interaction. Findings and insights from his travels are woven throughout his work.

About the talk
Anthony will talk about his recent travels through Western Europe and Japan while doing research for Random Embassy, a book about the ways that the practices of artists and other creative people are influenced by travel and cities. Cities play a major role in the research for the project, and Anthony will show photographs from his travels as well as a selection of hand made photo zines that document architecture, art and daily life in cities such as Medellín, Istanbul, Venice, Tokyo and Lisbon.