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Street Trees: Exhibition Closing Reception and Short Films Program

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Thursday 9/25
6:00 pm

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Hosted by artist and filmmaker Ted Knighton

Our art exhibit Street Trees will be closing at the end of September. This is your last chance to see Street Trees before it closes, and stay to watch a free program of short films selected and introduced by artist Ted Knighton.

Reception begins at 6pm, Screenings at 7pm - Admission is free!

Short films are ubiquitous, especially now with the internet and hand-held devices.  However, the films online have been digitized into videos, and they most often play at low resolutions, usually the size of a postcard, surrounded by ads and other distractions.  Their beauty is lost, and as a result they feel disposable.  For this reason, Street Trees' artist and short-filmmaker Ted Knighton welcomes you to an evening of short films, as they were intended to be seen, on celluloid and in a communal setting.


Selections will include:

Meshes of the Afternoon           

dir. Maya Deren , USA , 1943, 16mm, 14 mins. b/w, sound

Revenge of the Cinematographer Camera Man

dir. Wladyslaw Starewicz,  France, 1912, 16mm, 13mins. b/w, silent

Very Nice, Very Nice

dir. Arthur Lipsett, Canada, 1961, 16mm, 7mins. b/w, sound

Un Chien Andalou

dir. Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali, France, 1929 16mm, 16mins. b/w, sound
. . . and more

Total running time for screening: approx. 80mins.