Art Exhibit

"Street Trees" by Ted Knighton

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Thursday 7/10 -
Tuesday 9/30
Free Open to the public

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call 215.895.6590. 

Exhibit runs through September 30th

Street Trees is an exhibition of site-specific art by Ted Knighton. The show features drawings, videos and installations that respond to, or emerge from our everyday surroundings, specifically the side streets, vacant lots and public buildings of Philadelphia.   

The show gets its title from a series of drawings, in which familiar, tree-lined streets become alien landscapes of molten, morphing anatomies, a battleground where scarred limbs and naked roots fight a slow, silent war with buckling concrete and imprisoning, piercing iron.

In his video piece 3rd & Arch, originally shown in an Old City lot, a projector shines onto the crumbling wall that still bears the remnants of a previously attached building.  Rooms once occupied and hidden are now vacant and exposed.  The wall comes alive with projected figures from an imagined past that dwell in the traces of former apartments and climb shadow staircases.  The building's skeletal rooms reveal a Poe- inspired drama that evokes Philadelphia’s literary history.

The show also documents Knighton's past installations designed specifically for I-House, and the work overall expresses a tension between public and private, order and chaos.


We get used to the world around us and it's easy to stop seeing how amazing, strange and fascinating it all is; much of the time, we are only passing through. These images invite the viewer to see these everyday places with new eyes.