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8th Annual Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

Shorts Program: Sci-Fi & Horror Genre Shorts

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Friday 11/13
11:30 pm
FREE EVENT! Please RSVP if you plan to attend

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call 215.895.6590. 

Back by popular demand, this year’s FREE program of Sci-Fi and Horror Genre shorts are sure to keep your spine tingling long after you leave the theater! Subjects include people trapped in rooms, telekinetic posession, and undead steampunk cowboy battles.


Director: David Coyle | 10 mins

A man awakens in a white room with two doors. Each door loops into the other. The only objects within the room are a red ball and a revolver containing a single bullet. How do you escape a loop?    

Safari Time *World Premiere*

Director: Shaun Vivaris | 11 mins

A devious little girl drags her younger cousin on a monster ‘safari adventure,’ with dire consequences.


Director: Michael Dahlquist | 8 mins

A man locked in a room faces inter-dimensional terror.

Savant: Kali 47

Director: Michael Dahlquist | 3 mins

Undead dark riders invade a wild west saloon, blasting away everyone in sight - now only a bad-ass Native American warrior can save the town.


Director: Takashi Hirose | 13 mins

A young man’s first day at his new job is different than what he expected. The pay is great, but is it worth it?  


Director: Soichi Umezawa | 14mins

A high-school boy who is bullied by his classmates suddenly discovers a telekinetic ability.