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Sex, Drugs & Rock ‘n Roll: A Floyd Mutrux Double Feature

Dusty & Sweets McGee / Aloha Bobby & Rose

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Friday 1/30
7:00 pm
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Writer, Director, Actor, Playwright, Floyd Mutrux has curiously operated just under the radar for decades despite being involved with some of the most original films from Hollywood’s maverick years, the 1970s. Tonight we celebrate the under-recognized auteur with two of his grittiest classics.

Dusty & Sweets McGee
dir. Floyd Mutrux, US, 1971, 35mm, 91 min.

An unflinching portrait of junkies in Los Angeles that merges fiction and non-fiction to great effect. Mutrux’s debut feature as a director is a prime example of the changes taking place on the fringes of Hollywood in the late ‘60s and ‘70s that launched the careers of directors like Bob Rafelson, Martin Scorsese and Monte Hellman, the latter directing the Mutrux co-scripted Two-Lane Blacktop.

Aloha Bobby & Rose
dir. Floyd Mutrux, US, 1975, 16mm, 88 min.

Mutrux’s follow up to Dusty & Sweets McGee follows a pair of seemingly doomed young lovers trying to leave the city behind and escape into the night in Bobby’s 1968 Camaro. A soundtrack full of pop and rock hits from the era have earned this lost gem cult status among both film and music enthusiasts.