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Seven Stars of Hinduism

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Wednesday 10/15
6:00 pm
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In advance of our annual celebration of Diwali, The Festival of Lights, International House Philadelphia presents "Seven Stars of Hinduism" - a unique and enjoyable presentation by Dileep Thatte which will begin at 6:00pm with a complimentary reception and will be followed by an informative Q&A session.


Hinduism is a very complex religion with a number of rituals, extensive mythology and numerous practices. Many times, the core beliefs of the religion get eclipsed by these. This tends to lead to misunderstanding and myths about the religion amongst the Hindus as well as non-Hindus.


In order to address this, Dileep Thatte has organized the core beliefs of Hinduism into an easily understood framework called, “Seven Stars of Hinduism”. He also discusses how these concepts relate to everyday life.


Seven Stars of Hinduism© is an interactive and enjoyable discussion of Hinduism, one of the oldest religious traditions in the world.  It is a fun session and yet very informative. The program is geared to adults and youth (ages 15 and up) and typically lasts for about 60-90 minutes depending up on the follow up Q&A. The focus is on “core” beliefs. The program is in English.


The Seven Stars program educates the audience on the core beliefs. It is not intended to proselytize the religion. The presentation brings out the secular nature of the religion, the humanitarian aspects as well as the built-in environmental sensitivity. It is particularly relevant to the 21st century social and environmental atmosphere.


To date, Dileep Thatte has made over 200 presentations of “Seven Stars of Hinduism©” across the world in the USA, Canada, Australia, India and Europe. These presentations were made at various organizations including:

  • Universities (e.g. Johns Hopkins, Columbia University, NY, Carnegie Mellon, U of Pittsburgh, Emory U, Bradley, NE Illinois, and  others);
  • Maharashtra Mandals in North America ( Mandals, BMM Conventions, European Marathi Sammelan), Indian Cultural Associations,
  • Temples (e.g. S.V. Temple in Pittsburgh, Hindu Temples in Chicago, Washington DC, Austin, NJ, and  others)
  • Inter-faith gatherings such as Theosophical Society in America
  • Libraries


Thatte’s presentation style, coupled with the power point slides, keep the audience fully involved throughout the presentation. As one member of the audience put it, Mr. Thatte, "presents it in a way that is extremely engaging and exciting”.  Some other typical comments from attendees:

That was the best, most understandable presentation I have ever seen on Hinduism”

“Interesting, informative and easy to understand “

“Seven Stars© is succinct, easy to remember”

 “I particularly appreciated how you took very complex concepts and made them easily understandable, without in any way comprising the message”

“Great speaker, enthusiastic, well informed and fun”



Dileep Thatte was born and raised in India. He is a registered Professional Engineer with an MS in Chemical Engineering and an MBA.


He has been a senior executive for major global corporations. He has presented papers at International Conferences in the USA and Canada on the subjects of International Business and  Water Treatment. He currently works at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in Gaithersburg, MD


An ardent student of Hinduism, he has also been involved in teaching Indian languages (Hindi & Marathi), Culture, and History to youth in USA and Canada. He was one of the lead teachers at The Indian Cultural Association of Pittsburgh (ICAP) for several years.


He has given talks on Hinduism at multi faith congregations.


Mr. Thatte’s public speaking experience, his enthusiasm for this subject and his ability to relate to audiences of all ages have made him a popular teacher and presenter.