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Free to Love: Cinema of the Sexual Revolution


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Friday 1/24
7:00 pm
Ibrahim Theater
$9 General Public
$7 Students & Seniors
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dir. Radley Metzger, US/Yugoslavia, 1972, HD, 95 min.

This program contains adult content

Introduced by Elena Gorfinkel, followed by a discussion between Gorfinkel and director Radley Metzger

Score, Radley Metzger's fantastical and lush portrait of swinger culture, as well as a vanguard in the still-limited canon of bisexual erotic cinema, has rightfully garnered cult status. Set in the mythical city of Leisure, located “deep within the erogenous zone,” Score follows the exploits of a middle-aged married couple as they challenge each other to seduce a couple of naïve newlyweds. After luring their conquests into their luxurious home, they play a whirlwind of games, playful and provocative, incorporating mind and body. Score charts the sexual coming-of-age of this young couple, replete with sexual identity crises and revelatory awakenings. Furnishing the decadent party with a colorful and resplendent abundance of props and costumes (nuns, policemen, cowboys...), Metzger lends ample screen time to the kinky and fetishistic. Depicting an impressive range of sexual practices, supplemented with hilarious narration, Score makes for an entertaining and constantly surprising viewing experience, eschewing banalities and familiar constellations.

Free to Love: The Cinema of the Sexual Revolution has 
been supported by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage