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Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

Sci-Fi Horror Genre Shorts Program

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Saturday 11/16
12:00 pm
Ibrahim Theater
FREE Please RSVP if you plan to attend

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Running time 108 min.

Sci Fi and Horror Genre fans will love this FREE program of Asian American and International Shorts! Subjects include Thai spirit mediums, Cantonese techno stalkers and Japanese memory erasers.

Best Sport

Director Deja Prem | Phillipines, USA | 11 min.
A discarded baby survives and finds home in the strangest way.


Director Francisco Sonic Kim | USA | 10 min.
A young couple struggles to cope when their son's mysterious illness takes a turn for the worse.
*Local Production! (pictured above)*

Memory Sculptor

Director Ken Ochiai | Japan, USA | 17 min.
Memory Sculptors, who can enter the human brain to erase memories, faces the toughest job to date: erasing ineradicable memory. But what happens when people fight to keep their memories?


Director Cidney Hue | USA | 15 min.
Mission specialist Shannon Wendell spends one last night in New York City with a stranger before she embarks on a 135 year long journey to the distant planet of Gliese 581g, or Odessa.

Seven and a Half

Director Jee Won Jang | South Korea | 14 min.
Eun-Ho works at the pizza parlor. One day, he delivers pizza to a guy who lives in a shabby apartment. What he discovers will change his life forever.
*International Premiere*

Love Stalk

Director Joe Fiorello | Hong Kong | 24 min.
Sharon is having a hard time finding love in the one-night-stand capital of the world, Hong Kong. Her fortune seems to have changed when she briefly meets Ryan. As Sharon starts following him through his online check-ins, she soon realizes the dangers of stalking her secret crush.
*North America Premiere*


Director Kunlakan Mamber | Thailand, USA | 17 min.
A young girl resolves to overcome her fears when she learns of the heroism of her spirit medium grandfather she never knew.