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Imagine Science Film Festival Touring Program

Imagine Science Film Festival - Program Two - Unseen Waves, Invisible Forces

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Friday 9/16
7:00 pm
$9 General Public
$7 Students & Seniors
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Program Two - Unseen Waves, Invisible Forces

So-called empty air is nonetheless the densely active medium of the unseen: vibrated by sound waves, crossed by radiation, and pulsing with electromagnetic fields.

Fly, Fly Sadness,

Dir. Miryam Charles, Canada/Haiti, 2015, video, 6 min.

Following a nuclear explosion that transforms the voices of all the inhabitants of an island, a journalist seeks answers.

As Soon As Weather Will Permit

Dir. Su Rynard, Canada, 2015, video, 15 min.

Personal recollections of WWII become a meditation on memory, meaning and scientific discovery in the time of war.

Rare Earthenware

Dir. Toby Smith, UK, 2015, video, 7 min.

Where do our specialty electronic components come from, and what do they actually cost? A data-dense travelogue into the products that surround us.

Treasure Island

Dir. Elizabeth Lo & Melissa Langer, USA, 2014, video, 7 min.

Children living on a former naval base re-imagine the threat of radioactive waste buried beneath their homes.


Dir. Dave Fischer, USA, 2015, video, 3 min.

The physical enfolding of self. Niels Bohr summarizes key physics over abstracted motions.

Quiet Zone

Dir. Karl Lemieux & David Bryant, Canada, 2014, video, 14 min.

Electrical hypersensitivity sufferers seek relief from the waves and fields that surround us everywhere. Is there any escape in the modern world?

Suspended by Sound

Dir. Tiago Marconi, Brazil, 2015, video, 7 min.

Researchers from the University of São Paulo have developed a technique for sound-based levitation.


Dir. Monteith McCollum, USA, 2014, video, 8 min.

The marks left by sonic frequencies. Imagery from optical soundtracks and micro photography of records play against similar signals received by sand, water, and people.


Dir. César Pesquera, France, 2013, video, 4 min.

The hazards of looking, to the secret crews photographing the first U.S. nuclear tests.