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Imagine Science Film Festival Touring Program

Imagine Science Film Festival - Program Three - The Phenomenology of Ghosts

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Saturday 9/17
5:00 pm
$9 General Public
$7 Students & Seniors
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Program Three - The Phenomenology of Ghosts

What is a ghost? A mysterious light, an atmospheric anomaly, a disappearance, a residual family memory clinging to the walls of an empty house? These three films each take spectral, experimental approaches to scientific inquiry, in various modes of haunting, haunted cinematic collage.


dir. Luz Olivares Capelle, Austria, 2014, video, 23 min.

Apariciones is a collage short film, an associative definition, a visual thinking process, a physics of illusions.

The Tiniest

dir. Tomislav Ĺ oban, Croatia, 2014, video, 16 min.

My best friend lived across the street. He went into his house that night. The store was closing. It was summertime, it was 9 PM. That was the last time I saw him.

Quiet Title

Dir. Alina Taalman, USA, 2015, video, 36 min.

When I ask my father about the past, he answers with the Theory of Relativity, the Laws of Thermodynamics, and the speed of light. For others in the family, the past is a story of ghosts.