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Imagine Science Film Festival Touring Program

Imagine Science Film Festival - Program One - Escape Velocity

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Thursday 9/15
7:00 pm
$9 General Public
$7 Students & Seniors
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Program One - Escape Velocity

Seen from the ground, the air appears limitless. Seen from beyond, it is a thin layer spread across the surface of the Earth. These ten films, from data-dense documentary to experimentally animated storytelling all deal with our fascination with what lies at the edge of the sky, from the satellites that orbit the earth to the alien natural history of a planet far beyond; with stops along the way for historical psychiatric experiments, lost cosmonauts, and the origins of the Universe.

Missing One Player

Dir. Lei Lei, China, 2015, video, 4 min.

An astronaut finds solace in mahjong amidst brilliantly-designed cosmic destruction.


Dir. Toby Smith, UK, 2015, video, 11 min.

A richly detailed data-travelogue follows satellites from earthly production to furthest orbit.

Monkey Love Experiments

Dir. Ainslie Henderson & Will Anderson, UK, 2014, video, 9 min.

1969: One of Harry Harlow's Maternal Deprivation Study monkeys dreams of the space program glimpsed on television.

Unclear Proof

Dir. Max Hattler, Hong Kong, 2013, video, 1 min.

Mundane analogue techniques model exotic extraterrestrial phenomena. What further evidence do you need?

Ghost Cell  

Dir. Antoine Delach, France, 2015, video,  7 min.

A scientific and dreamlike documentary at once, Ghost Cell is a stereoscopic plunge into the guts of an organic Paris seen as a cell through a virtual microscope.

Astrobotic: the Moon and Beyond

Dir. Jonathan Minard, USA, 2015, video, 4 min.

A robotics startup in Pittsburgh prepares for a historic moon mission.

Mars Closer

Dir. Annelie Boros & Vera Brückner, Germany/Japan/Latvia,  2015, video, 16 min.

Two prospective astronauts for a planned 2024 mars mission envision the thrills and challenges that await them.

Vostok Zero

Dir. Perttu Inkilä, Velda Parkkinen, & Liis Mehine, Finland, 2015, 5 min.

May 1961. Italian amateur radio operators record the deadly re-entry of an unknown female cosmonaut. Officially, this never happened, but if it did, she was the first woman in space.


Dir. Cindy Lo, France, 2013, video, 3 min.

Rapid animation unravels the Big Bang Theory.


Dir. Momoko Seto, France,  2014,  12 min.

Giant creatures are trapped inside the ice. Submarine explosions provoke global warming, and a new life begins. The natural history of a newly discovered exo-planet?