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Piazza Fontana: The Italian Conspiracy (Romanzo di unastrage)

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Thursday 3/13
7:00 pm
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dir. Marco Tullio Giordana, Italy, 2012, DCP, Italian w/ English subtitles, 129 min.

Marco Tullio Giordana (The Best of Youth) delivers a Machiavellian drama, based on a book by Paolo Cucchiarelli, which dissects the Piazza Fontana bombing, highlighting the manipulations and tragic consequences of the event and subsequent investigations.

An explosion at the Banca Nazionale dell’Agricoltura in Milan in 1969 resulted in 17 deaths and injured dozens more. The protests sweeping Europe and the fear of communism led the police to focus their investigations on anarchist groups. But the Police Commissioner is convinced it’s not that simple. When known nonviolent protestor Giuseppe Pinelli dies in police custody, Calabresi’s enquiries reveal a conspiracy to discredit the Left by foreign and state governments, the police, the secret service through to neofascists. Intriguingly complicated and politically nuanced, Romanzo di unastrage is an ever-twisting conspiracy of lies, intrigue and dirty politics. The meticulously-staged real-life story is both enthralling and gripping.