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Reelblack presents

Philly Shorts

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Tuesday 4/15
7:00 pm
$10 General Public
$8 Students & Seniors
$5 Members of IHP or Reelblack Season 11

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2012-2014 / Total running time 122min / Various Directors

Reelblack Presents Philly Shorts   Short films are a great way to experiment, explore ideas or break new artists.   Reelblack shines the spotlight on some of Philadelphia’s brightest talent with a night of short films.  New work from a dozen directors will be showcased followed by a special post-film Q&A with the filmmakers.   Presented in collaboration with the Philadelphia Independent Film and Video Association and The Philadelphia Black Film Advisory Committee.


Birthday Present (dir. Cedra Walton 15:00) Before leaving out for a hard days work, Carlos is surprised with birthday pancakes  from his six. kids and lovely wife of 15 years. As the. day. unfolds, it turns out to be a birthday that he will never forget!


Brenda (dir. Rashawn Tucker & Talyr Williams 10:00)  Brenda is about a young African american couple experiencing early childhood responsibilities and one of the parents are bailing out of the family. The mother of Brenda is trying to show that you can make it anywhere without the support of a father. This short film message is really a true life situation that a lot of young adults go through today.


A Child Of God (by Floyd Marshall and Angelique Marshall 20:00)  Sean Johnson has some great news for his parents, at least that's what he thinks. After inviting them to his apartment to share his news an ensuing arguments erupts throwing the whole family into a state of chaos, confusion and bitter feelings.


Choices (by Jacobi Simmons and Mike A. Pender 17:00) Jasmine finds herself falling in love with Sean. Only thing, her woman’s intuition is telling her something’s wrong. She recruits the help of her friend, Cookie, to further investigate. With every decision comes more uncertainty, which causes Jasmine to look at her CHOICES.


Endeavors of a Broken Spirit (dir. Strohman Yukazi 7:00) A young mother has to come to grasps with her baby's father leaving her, a child that is hard to deal with, having little to no money for the necessary things for a newborn and while handling her own personal struggles.


I Dream (dir. Vernon Jordan 5:00) Darius ponders the question of whether he should follow his dreams or live out other people's expectations. The two sides of his conscience (Dreamer and Naysayer) come to his aid. Ultimately, he makes a choice...


Talk It Out (dir. Derek Thompson 15:00)  A short film centered on a gifted artist Alonzo, a middle aged black man, dealing with his self-sabotaging ways. The film follows Alonzo as he attempts to live his dream through a job society said he was not qualified for. With very limited education and that being the main cause of his lack of confidence and low self-esteem, watch the vicious battle he has with his mental war of words fight anxiety and eliminating all negative speech to his psyche as he quietly talks it out.


Therapy (dir. Kenneth Oyegun 11:00) Ready to confront her darkest memories, Jacqui finds herself in the office of Dr. Barnes, a man who may have dark memories of his own. Though heavily scarred, Jacqui will face her history at any cost. The hardest part will be deciding what she must do after confronting her demons. Can she and her doctor accept the consequences, as the sins of the past erupt into the present?

Trip and Mary Jane (by Atif R. Lanier and Mike A. Pender 22:00) Trip an aspiring musician is caught between the police and local gangster Mississippi Black in his pursuit of musical stardom in 1945. He soon discovers things are not what they always seem