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Peter Kubelka

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Saturday 10/19
2:00 pm
Ibrahim Theater
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dir. Martina Kudlácek, Austria, 2012, digital, 233 min. (15 min. intermission)

Peter Kubelka is the legendary Austrian filmmaker, theorist, lecturer, and cook, not to mention co-founder of Anthology Film Archives in NYC. He is also a founder-member and curator of the Oesterreichisches Filmmuseum since 1963. He was born March 23, 1934 in Vienna, Austria. Kubelka has been an independent filmmaker since 1952.

Alongside the Philadelphia premiere of the documentary Fragments of Kubelka, we will be presenting an expanded program of the films of Peter Kubelka.


2:00PM: The Films of Peter Kubelka

3:30PM: Fragments of Kubelka

8:30PM: The Films of Peter Kubelka (repeat screening)

The Films of Peter Kubelka

Peter Kubelka‘s films are often divided in two categories: the metric films in which Kubleka has taken Soviet montage, structurally, one step further as well as preceded the international movement of structural cinema; and the metaphoric films, which define a purely cinematographic language, articulated between the elements of sound and image. Kubelka’s radical and pioneering body of films is a highly condensed work of little more than an hour, but that is not the sum of his work. Kubelka is also known as a non-writing theorist, using non-verbal elements in his lectures, such as music, food, objects, tools, and facial expressions.

“Peter Kubelka is the perfectionist of the film medium: and, as I honor that quality above all others at this time (finding such a lack of it now elsewhere), I would simply like to say: Peter Kubelka is the world’s greatest filmmaker—which is to say, simply: see his films! ... by all means/above all else ... et cetera.” -- Stan Brakhage

Mosaik Im Vertrauen (Mosaic in Confidence)

dir. Peter Kubelka, Austria, 1955, 16mm, 17 min.

Adebar (5x)

dir. Peter Kubelka, Austria, 1957, 16mm, 7 min.


dir. Peter Kubelka, Austria, 1958, 16mm, 2 min.

Arnulf Ranier 

dir. Peter Kubelka, Austria, 1960, 16mm, 7 min.

Unsere Afrikareise (Our Trip to Africa)

dir. Peter Kubelka, Austria, 1966, 16mm, 12 min.


dir. Peter Kubelka, Austria, 1977, 16mm, 12 min.

Fragments of Kubelka

dir. Martina Kudlácek, Austria, 2012, digital, 233 min. (15 min. intermission)

This epic documentary subtly introduces the complex world view of iconic filmmaker and theoretician Peter Kubelka. While Kubelka‘s radical and pioneering body of films is a highly condensed work of about an hour focusing on the essence of cinema, his legendary lectures often unfold over many hours. These lectures on “what is cinema” and “cooking as an art form” are frequently illuminated by presentation of archaeological objects from Kubelka‘s eclectic collection. He considers his ongoing collecting to be an expanded film practice which explores the evolution of humanity. Martina Kudlácek has carefully woven an open-ended portrait which goes beyond the biographical to reveal fresh insights into the phenomenon of film.

“How do you portray a Renaissance man? With the perseverance of a skilled Nature filmmaker, Martina Kudlácek observed Peter Kubelka for many years with her hand-held camera and gave him all the time in the world to expose us to his unfolding vision. As a result she presents a four-hour masterpiece about one of the most influential artists in film history and one of the most original thinkers and critics of our times.” –Peter Tscherkassky