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Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

Singers in the Band

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Friday 11/11
7:05 pm
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dir. David Goodman, Philippines / South Korea / USA, Documentary, 93 mins.


Singers in the Band exposes the United States Military’s role in human trafficking and prostitution of women worldwide, embedding the compelling stories of at risk women and children within the complicated narrative about the sex trade and international politics. 

Every year hundreds of women from the Philippines respond to ads for backup singers by South Korean talent agencies. After arriving in Korea their passports are seized and they are coerced into work in brothels whose primary clientele are American servicemen.

This documentary is the first to show how US Military bases, global sex trafficking, and prostitution are inextricably linked, revealing military culture itself is complicit in supporting the creation, maintenance and vitality of the sex trade.

Oscar-winning filmmaker and Philadelphia-native David Goodman, who shot much of this film using hidden cameras inside the brothels and on the streets of South Korea’s red light districts, is expected in attendance for post-film Q&A.