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Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival - Centerpiece Film


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Sunday 11/13
6:40 pm
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dir. Pamela Tom, USA, Documentary, 77 mins.


Tyrus tells the unlikely story of 105-year old Chinese American artist Tyrus Wong, how he overcame poverty and racism to become a celebrated modernist painter, Hollywood sketch artist, and ‘Disney Legend’ for his groundbreaking work on the animated film Bambi.

Guangzhou-born, LA-based the film examines Tyrus’ breathtaking scope of work across multiple artistic mediums and his personal and professional journey navigating racial bigotry in 20th century America. Making meticulous use of Tyrus Wong’s exquisite art, archival footage, interviews and commentary from Wong himself, the film documents how his unique style that combines Chinese calligraphic and landscape influences with contemporary Western art helped define the stylistic look of Disney’s animated film Bambi.

Tyrus makes a critical contribution to the documentary tradition and Asian American history by spotlighting this seminal, but heretofore unknown figure.