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Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

Uzumasa Limelight

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Friday 11/14
7:30 pm
$8 General Public
$6 Students & Seniors
$5 IHP Members

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dir. Ken Ochiai 2014 | Narrative Feature Film | 103 min.

The Uzumasa studio complex in Kyoto is widely regarded as the Hollywood of Japan, having produced many of the best jidaigeki films (period dramas with sword fighting) beloved by Japanese and the rest of the world. These films would not be what they were if it were not for the kirareyaku, actors whose sole job is to be killed by the lead star in elaborate death scenes. Inspired by Charlie Chaplin’s Limelight, this film tells the story of one aging kirareyaku who takes on a female apprentice in the twilight of his career. Directed by PAAFF Alumni Ken Ochiai (Tiger Mask, Memory Sculptor, Frog in the Well), Japanese born filmmaker who resides in Los Angeles who tells this intriguing story through a uniquely transcultural lens.