BlackStar Film Festival

Shorts: Other Suns

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Thursday 8/4
3:30 pm
$12 General Public
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dir. Eelum Dixit, Short Narrative, United States, 5 min.
A recent Nepali immigrant to the United States must figure out what is bothering his son before he loses him. 

Diasporadical Trilogìa
dir. S. 'Blitz' Bazawule, Short Narrative, Brazil/Ghana/United States, 2016, 17 min.
Diasporadical Trilogìa follows the story of a woman who mysteriously lived on three different continents at the same time. Through a magical realism lens, she shares her memories of growing up as a little girl in Brooklyn, a young lady in Accra, and a middle-aged woman in Bahia, while struggling with love, immigration and gentrification.

The Grandfather Drum
dir. Michelle Derosier, Short Narrative, 11 min.
This unique animated film follows the story of Naamowin’s drum, a drum revered by the Anishinabek of the upper Berens River for its healing powers. Upon the death of his grandson, Naamowin, in a dream, is given a healing drum that can restore life. However,Christian authorities and the government have other plans that can disrupt the delicate balance between the sky-world and the underworld.

A Home On A Rainbow
dir. Rami Nihawi, Lina Alabed & Nadim Deaibes, Short Documentary, Lebanon/Syria, 2015, 14 min.
Three years ago, the inhabitants of Al Marj refugee camp located in the Bikaa Valley, fled from different regions in Syria to find refuge in Lebanon. Instead of finding a safe haven, they were subjected to a sudden evacuation order for the tents that were in proximity to amilitary zone, given only 5 days to dismantle their laboriously built tents, without offering any alternative settlement option.

This Migrant Business
dir. Ng'endo Mukii, Experimental, Kenya, 2015, 6 min.
This Migrant Business shows the systems that exist to enable and exploit African migrants seeking better lives in the Middle East and Europe. This is a lucrative trade with vulnerable people as its currency, creating a cyclic force that ensures that demand and supply will continue to feed into each other, indefinitely.

Two Cities
dir. Darius Clark Monroe, Short Documentary, United States, 2015, 13 min.
Locked inside the mind and memory of Dr. Mtangulizi Sanyika as he reflects on what it means to be part of the displaced New Orleans population in Houston.

The Walk
dir. Alonso Alvarez, Short Narrative, 14 min.
In the harshness of the Arizona desert, a Mexican man and his son are faced with a major crisis of conscience as they try to cross the border illegally.

Why We Rise
dir. Brian Redondo, Short Documentary, 14 min.
Why We Rise is a compelling story about three brave young Asian New Yorkers who reveal what it's like to grow up without having legal immigration status. Their struggles and their strengths are on full display as they come out of the shadows and into the light.

Eelum Dixit and Blitz Bazawule will be present for Q&A