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Orchestra 2001: Pocket Symphonies

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Sunday 4/23
8:00 pm
$35 Adult
$25 Senior
$15 Student

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call 215.895.6590. 

Pre-concert talk at 7:30 PM 
Reception following

What defines a symphony? American maverick Fredric Rzweski (pronounced: zheff-skee) answers that question with quality rather than quantity in his Pocket Symphony, requiring virtuosic playing from all six musicians. Nico Muhly’s hypnotic Doublespeak, Huang Ruo’s Chinese-folk and rock inspired Divergence, and Philadelphia-born Jacob Druckman’s tautly constructed Come Round each exhibit symphonic qualities in non-traditional ways, demonstrating the tremendous range of expression and musical colors possible from a pocket-sized ensemble.

Fredric Rzewski –  Pocket Symphony
Nico Muhly – Doublespeak
Huang Ruo – Chamber Concerto #3, “Divergence”
Jacob Druckman – Come Round