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Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

Odds & Ends Variety Shorts Program

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Sunday 11/17
1:00 pm
Ibrahim Theater
FREE! Please RSVP if you plan to attend

FOR FILMS AND EVENTS PRESENTED BY IHP, Tickets ARE Also Available From the IHP Box Office, which is normally open Tue-Sat from noon-8pm (or, for events outside of those times, from one hour before until one hour after the scheduled starting time).  
call 215.895.6590. 

Running time 103 min.

Ranging from Hip Hop music videos to locally produced documentary shorts and everything in between, this FREE program cannot be missed!

Sunrise Aphrodite

Director Frank Zhu | USA | 13 min.
A destitute painter, pressured to finish a painting, finds hope and the meaning of never giving up.

People Aren't All Bad

Director Matthew Hashiguchi | USA | 4 min.
A short doc interview with a Japanese American Internment Camp Survivor.

Lee's Market

Director Jing Shao | USA | 15 min.
Pete Lee, dreams of escaping his family's convenience store located in South Central LA. Before he can leave however, he must settle his debts with a local gangster and mend his relationship with his alcoholic mother.
*World Premiere*

No Longer There

Director Nobuyuki Miyake | Japan | 23 min.
A dental prosthetic technician day dreams about the young woman whose dentures he is creating. As days go by he grows close to this woman he has never met except for in the intimate imaginary world of his own creation. But what happens when this man and woman meet in the real world?

Keep On

Director Chris Chan Lee | USA | 5 min.
Pioneering Asian American Hip Hop artists the Mountain Brothers from Philadelphia reunite in this music video after more than 10 years, featuring vocals by Korean recording artist Ann One. This song is a featured track on the upcoming STRENGTH IN NUMBERS Asian American Hip Hop album, produced by CHOPS of the Mountain Brothers.
*Local Production (pictured above)*

Honorable Journey

Director Stephen Menick | USA | 16 min.
A short doc about the 70-year struggle of Japanese-Americans who came of age during World War II. Narrated by George Takei, the film features conflicts of loyalty to tradition, family and country, played out against the backdrop of war.

Kimchi Fried Dumplings

Director Jason Karman | Canada | 14 min.
An Asian Canadian man comes home with a new boyfriend for Christmas to find his younger brother, who is also gay, resentful for being left to care for their aging parents.


Director Eiko Fan | USA | 13 min.
Skyler is a short doc about an exceptional young man with Cerebral Palsy who passionately communicates to the world through abstract paintings he paints with his feet. Viewers will enter his world as he drives his wheel chair and struggles to speak through his computer interface.
*Local Production*