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New Authors of Italian Cinema

I Can Quit Whenever I Want (Smetto Quando Voglio)

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Sunday 12/7
8:00 pm
FREE! No RSVP required

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dir. Sydney Sibilia, 2014, Blu-Ray, 110 min., in Italian w/English subtitles - Presented by Alessandra Mirra

What can a group of nerds who have only ever studied in their life do to survive in today's Italy? The idea is simple: put together an unprecedented gang. Macroeconomics, Neurobiology, Anthropology, Classics and Archeology will prove to be perfect for climbing the criminal underworld. The success is immediate and explosive; just a little hard to handle...


This free admission film festival is made possible thanks to the support of:

The Cinema Studies Program and the Center for Italian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, in collaboration with the Consulate General of Italy in Philadelphia, N.I.C.E. New Italian Cinema Events, and International House Philadelphia present the 2013 edition of New Authors of Italian Cinema.

This four-day festival has been curated by Nicola M. Gentili (Penn, Cinema Studies) and aims at promoting new Italian Cinema abroad. Recently released feature films directed in the past two years by Italy’s most promising filmmakers will be presented and discussed by our Penn’s Italian Ph.D. students. The final remarks will be addressed by Stefania Benini, Professor of Italian Cinema at the University of Pennsylvania.