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Tuesday 4/5
7:00 pm
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dir. Helena de Llanos, Spain, 2015, HDvideo, 90 mins. color, Spanish w/English subtitles.

NegraBlanca (2013) is the result of a nine-month participatory cinema project, named ¿hacemos una peli? (Should we make a movie?), that took place in the town of Blanca (pop. 6,000), Murcia, a region in southern Spain. A crew of young filmmakers coordinated by Helena de Llanos traveled from Madrid to Blanca where they invited community members to co-create a film by posting fliers with a simple question: Should we make a movie? Nearly a hundred of people from the rural town got involved in producing the film. Together with the inhabitants of Blanca, the crew and community composed an original script, shot, performed in and edited the film. One of the challenges of this kind of process is to avoid the standardization of the experiences by being able to listen and negotiate collective representation.

NegraBlanca interweaves lived histories and fictionalized accounts, local traditions and everyday practices, to confront a question central to a community’s history: “Did this happen or did we make this up?” NegraBlanca does not resolve this question, instead, it asks another: “How far are we willing to imagine?”

The movie will be screened at the International House as the audiovisual part of Helena de Llanos’ PhD dissertation.