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Scribe Video Center Producers’ Forum

Nam June Paik & TV Lab: License to Create

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Tuesday 10/13
7:00 pm
$10 General Public
$7 Students & Seniors
$5 IHP & Scribe Members

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dir. Howard Weinberg, USA, 2015, 95 min.

There once was time when the medium of television was considered the ultimate artistic medium to explore the human experience. Nam June Paik, often called the “father of video art” was at the vanguard and the TV Lab, an electronic workshop for artists created by public television station WNET, was the site of experimentation into this new medium of the 20th century. This film sheds light on a fascinating creative era in the history of television production through the eyes of one of the most interesting figures involved in 20th century video art.

Director Howard Weinberg will be in attendance.  He is an award-winning independent documentary film and television producer. His innovative reporting and imaginative producing have contributed to the successes of major figures in American journalism such as Bill Moyers, Studs Terkel, Robert MacNeil, Jim Lehrer, and Harry Reasoner.