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8th Annual Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

Shorts Program: Mockumentary Double Feature

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Friday 11/13
2:00 pm
FREE EVENT! Please RSVP If You Plan to Attend

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call 215.895.6590. 

This double feature mockumentary program showcases two shorts that address serious topics related to identity and culture through a light hearted dramedy style reminiscent of television mockumentaries such as The Office or Parks & Rec.

East of Hollywood

28 mins | Mockumentary | USA

Writer/Director: Chris Caccioppoli

Cast: Michael Tow, Danni Wang, Celeste Oliva

This short-form mockumentary exposes the stereotypes Asian American actors are forced to deal with throughout the audition process and features a talented, multicultural East Coast cast. Developed by Michael Tow and writer/director Chris Caccioppoli, this film draws from real experiences encountered by Tow and fellow Asian American actors throughout their careers.

Director and members of the cast/crew expected in attendance.


29 mins | Mockumentary | USA | PAAFF Pride

Writer/Director: Angelo Santos

Cast: John Arcilla, Julia Campanelli, Patrick Cooley

Brendan and Jun, an interracial gay couple, engage in the Filipino tradition of ‘pamanhikan’, or introducing their parents to each other in advance of their marriage. Dysfunction ensues as Jun’s supportive mother and father (who still denies his son’s sexuality) come together with Brendan’s disapproving mother and estranged father. Enjoy the awkard hilarity as conversations of God, athletics, and sex make an already uncomfortable situation worse.

Director expected in attendance.