Art Exhibit Opening Reception:

Mehdi Saeedi - Persian Letters: Birds and Feathers

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Tuesday 3/29
6:00 pm
FREE Open to the public

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Meet internationally renowned Iranian artist and designer Mehdi Saeedi for an opening reception on Tuesday, March 29th from 6pm to 7pm in the East Alcove. Complimentary appetizers and refreshments will be served.

Whether in the cultural or commercial domain, each country, each culture, develops a graphic language that corresponds at once to the local cultural specificity and to international communication codes. It is foolish to try to escape this globalization, the leveling of codes, these methods and further these communication techniques. [...] Mehdi Saeedi's unique use of calligraphy is visible throughout his poster designs, each instance well adapted to his intended imagery and forms. It is also intriguing to observe that in many of his posters, Persian letters are associated with birds because these alphabets closely resemble feathers. The strings of Persian musical instruments drawn by Mehdi make me feel as if I am hearing the melodies of Persian music, elegant and delicate, vibrating through the enigmatic space-time he has created. [...] In Japan as in Iran, ever since ancient times, people have enjoyed a style of brush calligraphy that is improvised and placed on the side of drawings--to be read in association with the drawing, if not to help understand the drawing. Mehdi inlays Persian letters into the image and the form of his drawings as part of the design which he has preconceived in his mind. At those times Mehdi Saeedi becomes more than a graphic designer; he becomes a creator, he creates images that have an existence of their own.

Alain Le Quernec, Professor of Graphic Design, Member of AGI Alliance Graphique Internationale - Edited from the text “The Importance of Writing”

*Title given by Ronaldo Ribeiro, Director of Programs at International House Philadelphia