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Maximizing Your American Experience: Life Stories of Succeeding in a Foreign Environment

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Tuesday 2/17
6:00 pm
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Reception begins at 6pm, Presentation at 7pm

James Chan, Ph.D., a China-born business consultant who came to study in America in 1971, will give an inspirational talk on how he transformed himself from a shy, clueless foreign student and immigrant into becoming a management consultant advising Fortune 500 companies. He will recount personal stories of hardships, self-discovery and psychological transformations that enabled him to succeed against daunting odds. He will offer insights on his S.P.A.R.E model of self-invention to help you maximize your American experience and learn to succeed on your own in a foreign environment. James will bring copies of his book, Spare Room Tycoon: Succeeding Independently, the 70 Lessons of Sane Self-Employment


Reviews of Chan’s book:

"A light-hearted but no-nonsense approach to being an entrepreneur...Filled with ways to creatively survive and succeed as an independent businessperson." -- Today's Librarian, September 2000

"If you have ever had the faintest notion of going it alone, your enthusiasm will be renewed and you will have the knowledge and skills to really make it work." -- Wyvern Publication Business Centre, March 2000