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Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival

Martial Arts Demo by Old City Aikido

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Friday 11/14
7:15 pm
FREE! Open to the public

FOR FILMS AND EVENTS PRESENTED BY IHP, Tickets ARE Also Available From the IHP Box Office, which is normally open Tue-Sat from noon-8pm (or, for events outside of those times, from one hour before until one hour after the scheduled starting time).  
call 215.895.6590. 

This year’s festival will include a demonstration of the principles of Japanese swordsmanship conducted by Old City Aikido in the IHP lobby, between the screenings of Awesome Asian Bad Guys and Uzumasa Limelight.

During the demonstration, Jason Perna Sensei, 3rd Dan Fukushidoin, will briefly discuss the history and relevance of armed philosophy along with a physical presentation of contemporary sword practice. We hope that you will join us for an interesting glimpse into the world of traditional Japanese Budo.

Old City Aikido is carefully hidden away within the heart of Philadelphia's historic Downtown district and offers all the convenience of the big city while preserving the more reserved nature of a traditional Japanese dojo. The teaching lineage at Old City Aikido is a strong one, and it is easily traced back to the founder of the art, Ueishiba Morihei (O’Sensei). Old City Aikido is a United States Aikido Federation member dojo and maintains direct ties to the Aikido Hombu Dojo (World Headquarters) in Tokyo, Japan. Old City Aikido is centrally location at 722 Market Street, 3rd floor which provides for easy access from the city's main traffic arteries, SEPTA's bus, subway, & regional rail lines, as well as the bridges from New Jersey.