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In collaboration with Israeli Film Festival of Philadelphia:


Savi Gabizon, Israel, 2017, 100 min., in Hebrew w/ English subtitles

At first glance, middle-aged Ariel has it made: established, well-to-do, single and with no apparent worries. One day, after decades without contact, his college girlfriend Ronit invites him to lunch. She drops a bomb: when they broke up 20 years ago, she was pregnant and gave birth to a boy. But that eye-opener is only the first in a series of revelations that will have unpredictable consequences for people Ariel has yet to meet and for his own understanding of himself and his world. His need to know about a son he never knew he had (and certainly never thought he might have wanted) propels him into communities, families, and circumstances that are foreign and unexpected. Plunging himself into these tumultuous unknown waters causes him to reflect on what he might have had.

The Israeli Film Festival is very pleased to have this screening co-sponsored by Penn Middle East Film Festival.