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Arthouse Revisited

E La Nave Va (And the Ship Sails On)

Dir. Federico Fellini, Italy, 1984, 35mm, 127 min., Italian w/English subtitles

A motley crew of European aristocrats (and a lovesick rhinoceros!) board a luxurious ocean liner on the eve of World War I to scatter the ashes of a beloved diva. Fabricated entirely in Rome’s famed Cinecittà studios, Fellini’s quirky, imaginative fable reaches spectacular new visual heights with its stylized re-creation of a decadent bygone era. This 35mm print was provided by Instituto Luce Cinecitta S.r.L  

Lightbox Film Center would like to thank Marco Cicala at Instituto Luce Cinecitta and Rebecca Meyers of  Bucknell University for making this screening possible.