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Subversive Elements

Canyon Cinema 50

The Canyon Cinema Co-op was officially incorporated in 1967 and for the last fifty years has been one of the world’s preeminent sources for artist-made moving image work. In recognition of this important milestone we’ve assembled a program of films that best represents the wide range of work in the collection with an emphasis on West Coast/Bay Area artists. The program spans five decades and includes a mixture of perennial favorites and some hidden gems.

Mass for the Dakota Sioux

Dir. Bruce Baillie, US, 1964, 16mm, 20 min., b&w


Dir. Scott Bartlett, US, 1966, 16mm, 8 min., b&w

My Name is Oona

Dir. Gunvor Nelson, US, 1969, 16mm, 10 min., b&w


Dir. Will Hindle, US, 1969, 16mm, 9 min.


Dir. Alice Anne Parker, US, 1970, 16mm, 7 min., b&w

Saving the Proof

Dir. Karen Holmes, US, 1979, 16mm, 11 min.


Dir. David Sherman, US, 1993, 16mm, 9 min.

Sphinx on the Seine

Dir. Paul Clipson, US, 2009, 16mm, 8 min., Sound by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

Special thanks to David Dinnell and Antonella Bonfante