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BlackStar Film Festival

A Hotel Called Memory

Tanzania, Nigeria, South Africa, 2017, 49 min.
World Premiere
 Dir. Akin Omotos
A Hotel Called Memory is a tone poem set in Lagos, Zanzibar, and Cape Town. Lola, recently separated from her husband in Lagos, seeks solace in Zanzibar, hoping to forget the past and move on with her life. Easier said than done.

Screens With

Decadent Asylum
United States, 2017, 17 min.
East Coast Premiere
Dir. Amir George
Decadent Asylum is a journey of the spirit to higher realms of consciousness.

Kenya, 2016, 3 min.
United States Premiere
Dir. Ng’endo Mukii
A mysterious woman walks back and forth like a peacock, waving a vibrant piece of cloth over newly reclaimed territories. Echoed in kaleidoscopic tones, a narrator praises the woven orator that clothes our bodies and speaks for us. For centuries, clothing has silently defined how the world sees us. Fabric recreated, redefined, and re-inhabited as modern African fashion (re)iterates secrets untold. This is Mtindo, a celebration of the vibrancy of movement, the ebb and flow of modern African grace, an interconnection with the beauty of pattern making.

Testament of the Shadow
United States, 2016, 9 min.
Philadelphia Premiere
Dirs. Dawn L. Hall and Niav Conty
Testament of the Shadow explores the idealism of love and the psyche according to the Jungian Shadow aspect.