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8th Annual Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival


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Friday 11/13
7:10 pm
$8 General Public
$6 Students & Seniors
$5 IHP Members
FREE IHP Residents (at the box office)

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Dir. Dax Phelan, Hong Kong/USA, 80 min

A gripping and chilling psychological thriller about a man, Leonard To (Tobin), still struggling to come to terms with his grief nearly a year after his wife’s unsolved murder. Hoping to move on with his life, Leonard reconnects with Grace (Yuan), a woman from his past, and his outlook begins to brighten. A visit to the site of his wife’s murder leads him to a mysterious interloper (Mann) whom he believes to be her killer. Leonard decides to take justice into his own hands and things take a startling turn toward the unexpected.

Jasmine is a must-see for all suspense film fans, with a convincing performance from Tobin as a man unhinged.

Director Dax Phelan expected in attendance for post-film Q&A.